Because some people just don’t plan

Posted on September 14, 2010


One common theme that I frequently come across is that people are just plain busy all the time.  They have so many things pulling them in so many different directions.

The mere thought of spending ANY money involves a long decision process and even after someone commits, they may decide to pull back because of personal economic fears.  Life in general seems to also be getting more complicated, despite all the technology and communications tools that are available to us.

We are all constantly being put through many “tests” and seem to be always searching for that “safe and happy” place for ourselves and for our families, both mentally and physically, in order to remain sane.

I’ve been an insurance agent for many years.  It’s a very fulfilling role and every day is different.  I’m always meeting new people and I enjoy helping.

I work with both large corporations as well as individuals and their family members.  For companies, I specialize in offering long-term care insurance.  For individuals, I specialize in providing the full gamut of insurance policies – everything that is insurance.

But back to long-term care insurance for a moment…I’ve found that the only people interested in listening to a speech on this type of insurance are those who have had a relative or friend go through getting older, needing help with care or those that are helping to pay for activities of daily living for those in such a situation.

But this is part of a larger trend that I want to stress…

People Don’t Know What They Need Until They Need It Most!

Through the many years I have spent in the insurance industry, I have only come across a handful of clients who are truly organized when it comes to keeping their insurance and financial files updated and all of their folders in a safe and central place.

These clients seem to almost obsess over making sure that their loved ones know exactly what to do and where to find everything with regards to their insurance policies and finances for after they have passed on. Many of them are retirees who have lived a long and productive life and now unfortunately have more time on their hands to constantly worry about the future of their children and grandchildren.

They want to make sure they are able to help them as much as possible, even after death.

Aside from these few highly-organized and sometimes overly-concerned clients, and considering how our busy and stressful most of lives are, who really has the time and energy these days to keep up with all the work required in maintaining the folders, and constantly make sure we are not leaving anything out?

So why am I writing this today? Am I trying to sell you insurance? Is this an advertisement or sales pitch? No, No No…The point of my story is that I am happy to report that I have found a tool, a tool that is truly priceless.

The tool is Knowtification, and it is one of the best solutions that truly makes our lives easier during difficult times.

It’s the one of those services that requires little time to sign-up (less than a minute) and is not a large or long-term financial commitment.  Pay it once and be done.  It’s that simple.

Adding Knowitifcation, I truly believe, will contribute to you finding that “safe and happy” place in life, which I believe is a very good thing.  I sell insurance, all types of insurance, so when I see an insurance-like product come along with this power, I have to recommend it.  I have to because I care about people, that’s why I sell them insurance and advice, because I know it can help them…and that makes me happy.

About Andres
Serving as a Certified Long-Term Care Insurance Specialist since August of 2005, Andres Gonzalez has worked with individuals, families and companies for more than 10 years.  He protects lifestyles and helps preserve the wealth of his clients through individually customized life, health, disability and long-term care insurance solutions.  Andres has a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and is the founder of the Constant Care Network, a hand-picked directory made up of professional service providers who focus on serving seniors and their families in a caring, honest and respectful manner. Visit to view the current directory listing.

As an insurance broker, Andres represents all the top-rated carriers which means he is on your side and works for you and not for any individual insurance company.  He is a dedicated and community-minded professional who constantly helps those around him by educating and guiding them through a comprehensive planning process.  His goal is to help you and your family increase the chance of a better future through education and awareness.  Contact Andres to schedule your no obligation consultation by calling toll-free 1-877-LTC-1233 and learn more about how you can best protect your future today.

Andres Gonzalez, MBA, CLTC
Certified Long-Term Care Specialist

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