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Posted on October 12, 2010


Losing a loved one is one of the most traumatic experiences a family will endure. It’s tough enough to handle the onslaught of emotions it ignites, let alone negotiate the complex maze of practical, legal and financial issues that families have no choice but to address. Many have no idea where to begin or where they can go for trusted assistance. That’s why was created–to educate and inform–to simplify the process, saving families time, money and grief during one of life’s most difficult transitions.

“I was left in the dark,” said Sarah from Boulder, Colorado. “ walked me through the funeral planning process and lifted a tremendous weight off my shoulders.” Former Executors, Personal Representatives, Administrators, Beneficiaries and general family members have visited the site, all registering a similar message: “simple, powerful…needed right now”.

The site, launched summer 2009, provides an easy-to-use roadmap that guides users through the months’ long or even years long estate administration process, with a timeline and checklist to better understand and manage the laundry list of complex tasks along the way. For each step, families can get help from a trusted network of Service Partners across the country. “Our network will cover as many as twenty categories of business professionals – funeral directors, estate attorneys, financial planners, hospice, retirement communities and more,” said Hank Carabelli, Co-Founder of MyEstateManager, LLC.

Over a year in the making, began with extensive research by Nielsen Online and others to find out what mattered most to customers along the entire spectrum of estate planning and administration. “We know firsthand that people are looking for trusted local service provider recommendations,” said Carabelli. “ will deliver that by partnering with high quality service providers that have a third-party seal of approval based on background checks, business history, customer testimonials and standing in the community.” MyEstateManager’s Charter Service Partner Network is launching initially in Colorado and Florida, with additional professionals throughout the country signing on continuously thereafter. Regardless of location, families can benefit immediately by visiting the site, using the step-by-step timeline and checklist and sharing thoughts or taking advantage of personal concierge services through MyPersonalAdministrator. Additional content and services will be added over the coming year, with current plans including a Digital Lockbox™ for safe, secure storage of financial and legal documents as well as important photos and memories that families want to share.

About My Estate Manager
MyEstateManager, LLC, was founded in 2009 to offer peace of mind during one of life’s most traumatic transitions–managing an estate when someone dies. is a comprehensive, one-stop site that provides families with a full roadmap to better navigate the complexities of estate administration–with education, critically-needed information and resources, an easy-to-use timeline and checklist, and the ability to get help from experts and other members in similar situations. For each step of the process, the site enables families to obtain assistance from a trusted network of service partners across the country who have been thoroughly and objectively reviewed by an independent third party; therefore saving families time, money and grief. For those businesses interested in offering to their clients the rich content and tools that provides in a non-competitive, self-branded environment, the company also offers a Private Label program.

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