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An Estate Tool to Make Life Easier…read!

October 12, 2010


“I was left in the dark,” said Sarah from Boulder, Colorado. “ walked me through..."

Using Legal Services to Prevent Blisters…Not to Cure Them

September 29, 2010


Before taking a few long runs along South Florida’s coastline a few weeks ago, I went shopping for products that would enhance my running experiences.  I considered purchasing energy gels, new shoes, and mp3s for my iPod. While shopping at a running store, I found Bodyglide, a product that helps protect runners from blisters.  As […]

Because some people just don’t plan

September 14, 2010


So why am I writing this today? Am I trying to sell you insurance? Is this an advertisement or sales pitch? No, No No…The point of my story is that I am happy to report that I have found a tool, a tool that is truly priceless. The tool is Knowtification, and it is one of the best solutions that truly makes our lives easier during difficult times.

Protecting a Digital Legacy

August 30, 2010


When you think about it, we’re all living lives that could be called increasingly “digital.” We have Facebook pages. Twitter handles. LinkedIn profiles. Active blogs. And that’s just speaking of social networks. So a thought-provoking question must be posed that many of us simply don’t think about until the time comes – what happens to […]

Death Happens – Now What Do I Do?

December 5, 2009


people cope with death in different ways, some through hiding their emotions, some through drinking their emotions away and some through relying on others to provide emotional support. And although there is no single way that people deal with death, there seems to be a common thread that ensues...the tearing apart of a family.